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High pressure laminate is a composite material that is manufactured in multiple layers to improve various qualities such as appearance, strength, durability, stability, etc. The lamination process is done by applying heat or pressure or with the help of adhesives.

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High pressure laminate
Postforming Panel is a kind of high pressure laminate. It is made by adding special plasticizer resin in the production process and heating through special process. The biggest difference from normal high pressure laminate is that the Postforming Panel can be bent under proper heating, and its performance will not be affected after bending. It is mostly used for wall corner protection, table top, etc.
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Postforming Laminate
Chemical resistant laminate is a board with a special surface treatment layer. Specific applications include laboratory cabinets, casework, counters and tabletops in hospitals, photographers’ darkrooms, beauty salons and product testing facilities. Chemical resistant laminate is ideal for nurses’ stations, physicians’ and dentists’ examining and treatment rooms and pathologists’ work rooms. It is also the practical and attractive surfacing for wainscoting in any of these areas.
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Chemical Resistant Laminate
Tianrun® compact laminate is a structural, two-sided laminate that provides endless creative possibilities for fixtures and furniture in commercial, institutional & hospitality settings that stand up to heat and humidity.
Tianrun® compact laminates are available in thickness up to 30mm,and width can be 4’,5’,6 and 7’.
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Compact Laminate
Exterior Panel is a kind of compact panel. It is coated with EBC coating on the surface of decorative paper, which has better performance of high temperature resistance, boiling water resistance and impact resistance than ordinary compact panel. It can better adapt to the outdoor environment and achieve the outdoor UV resistance and climate resistance that ordinary anti Beite cannot do.
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Exterior Wall Cladding
The Soild Core Panel is a kind of compact panel, which uses face paper as the base material to replace the traditional kraft paper as the base material, The core material and the surface layer are made of the same decorative paper, showing a harmonious and beautiful effect, which has better ornamental performance than ordinary anti Beite. It is widely used in desktop, cabinet, etc.
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Solid Core Laminate